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Fashion and the return of Tightlacing and Corsets

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Modern day
19th Century

Accomplished Contemporary Tightlacers

Dita  23" and 16"
Cathie Jung 15" (inside)
 Britta Fleming   (Artist Lady Jane)

Spook 14" or 35.5cm
smallest waist on a living person
Fran - Tightlace Society Sylphide - 17" (outside)

Pandora - 19"
Tina - 17"
Michaella Gray in a "C&S"
from 24" to 19"
in an "Isabella Costumiere"

Annalai from 24" to 17"
Masuimi Max 17"

These lacers demonstrate that a waist can be reduced and maintained below 19", which has been questioned by some historians. One difference is that the classic victorian ribcage tended to be more funnel shaped as a result of early age corseting. Yet, the late start can be overcome by consistent training as Lacie, Sylphide, Spook, Masuimi, Dita and others demonstrate. Film actresses were and still are often required to wear corsets with minimal time for training, which will put off some of them permanently as a result of improper training However, others will after this first experience engage in long term corset wear. The entertainment industry has coined the term "corset films", and clearly recognized that these always do well at the box office, such as Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Pirates of the Caribbean and many more.

Training progression and comparison of 20th century tight lacers

Ethel Granger at 23"
Lacie started at 25" in '00
Here without in 2004

Salma Hayek's  35"-25"-37"
Gina rarely seen uncorsetted
(1927 - present)
Long term corseting  gave Betty Page her trademark figure  (1923 - 2008)

Ethel at 19 inch before
eventually reaching 13"

Lacie in '04 at 17..18"
Salma Hayek at 20"
Gina Lollobrigida, maintained a 19" to 20" waist
50's Icon Betty Page